“How do you do it? How do you achieve balance in life?”
You may have gotten such questions, been the one asking or just wondering how others do it. Either way, today I come bearing answers.
However, first thing’s first. I need you to know that you are on a different journey from any other person in life and in as much as you draw inspiration from others always remember who you are.
Let’s get right to the answers now!

  1. Prioritize

This is basically knowing the order of things that matter or that you want to achieve. You will agree with me that not everything is actually urgent. If it is not urgent, it can wait.

Photo by Plush Design Studio
  1. Don’t bite more than you can chew

On this point, I am going to have to read it out loud again and again for myself because well…!

Photo by Jay Wennington

On the real though, how many times have you agreed to do something and ended up regretting shortly after because you just don’t have that time.

You are not in a position to give 100% but you still did not say no. There is always that urge of not wanting to let opportunities slide yes but you need to critically think. Will this really propel you to be where you want to be at? If not, darling it’s not for you. You can say no or not now.

  1. Regular checks/ take stock

This will help you tease out the things that are probably weighing you down. How so?

Let me give an example. Say you have for some time now always been arriving late to work and that in turn affects your productivity and work just keeps on piling up or spilling over the subsequent days.
On closer examination, you realize that every day you listen to a podcast (thumbs up!) but you just sit and listen for about an hour.

How different would this be if you listened to it while in motion? That is, on the road on the way to work for instance. This will make you leave an hour earlier. Possibly beat traffic and guess what? You complete all the tasks for the day.

Photo by Markus Spiske

Check and see what is weighing you down, what is taking more time than it should and don’t allow any room for it to grow.

  1. You can be selfish with your time sometimes

This is where I tell you: “Breathe in! Out…”

Photo by Steve Halama

You don’t have to always make time for others or go out every weekend. Create time for some self-love in whatever form that works for you.


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